We Deliver Taste

We Deliver Taste

Brinkerhoff Model

Research has shown that for training to have an impact, 40% of the success is what is done prior to the actual intervention. A further 40% is what is done after the intervention, which leaves a small 20% success factor for the actual intervention. Maccauvlei’s success over the past 60 years is evident as a result of our commitment and involvement in all three phases of the Brinkerhoff model.

soft skills training

We firmly believe that people support things they help to create. Maccauvlei assists in the pre-phase by obtaining buy-in, engaging the managers, informing the learners and aligning SME facilitators with identified needs through a variety of methodologies and processes.
During the past 60 years Maccauvlei differentiated themselves by

  • Quality interventions
  • Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands to establish Habits
  • Experiential Learning
  • Customised solutions
  • World-class SME facilitators
  • Proven ROI
  • Taste making ability (See below – Tastemakers Story)
Post Intervention
Maccauvlei believes in continuous collaboration and learning and will assist in the post-phase by embedding learning back at the workplace, offering both manager and learner support and sustained growth.
Maccauvlei Learning Academy