Reasons Why Workers Might Leave Your Employment

It is said that employees don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. More often than not, that is the case. It is obvious that as a manger, you cannot possibly please every single employee within the business but you should ensure that your management style doesn’t actively encourage your employees to resign.

Let’s look at some of the reasons employees would leave their managers. That is why, even for managers, it is wise to undergo staff training programmes that foster a better understanding of how to retain workers.

Reason 1: Communication

Communication or the lack therefore is part of the reasons why an employee would ditch the manager. Often, managers fail to communicate departmental, team, individual or even overall company goals to the employees this makes it impossible for them to meet their expectations. Manager make the erroneous assumption that employees don’t need additional guidance because they know their job description from day one. If an employee doesn’t know what it is that is expected of them exactly, it could lead to deadlines not being met. The best way to remedy this situation is to simply communicate clearly the goals your employees are required to meet. Give your employees feedback regularly and ensure that the lines of communication are always open.

Reason 2: Personal Connection

In simpler terms: Be human. Managers are often so busy with their own work, that often when they speak to employees, they can only say “good job” or “where’s this or that file?” Managers cannot connect with employees, whether it be professional or personal, if they don’t have meaningful one-on-one conversations with them. You may not realise this, but this simple form of communication is more important than you may think. Employees look to their managers to make them feel more like a vital member of the company. Communicate with your employees about more than just work related topics, leave your office door open so that employees feel welcome to come in and talk to you.

Reason 3: Negative Company Culture

Last but certainly not least employees respond better to managers that fully support their work. When managers criticise employees in front of the team or when they won’t take responsibility for their part when things go wrong job satisfaction goes down the drain. Be an example to your employees, if you’re a manager that gossips or one that passes blame this is exactly how your employees will be.

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Making your employees happy won’t just benefit them, it will also make your life a lot easier too. Your employees will trust you and look up to you. For management fundamentals contact Maccauvlei Learning Academy and allow us to help you.

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