Stress Management Workshop

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Stress Management Workshop

Uncontrolled stress can seriously damage any organisation?s performance. It not only causes health and social problems for individuals but can be a major cause of conflict. This results in dysfunctional teams, a lack of cohesion in tackling problems, a focus on personalities instead of issues, low morale, staff retention problems, accidents and other difficulties. These are a drain on the organisation?s resources because symptoms such as burnout, alcoholism and aggression have a ripple effect. Today?s high pressure work environment, constant change and competitiveness can aggravate the problem, which many people find hard to handle.

What you will learn in this course!

Learning outcomes
The issues addressed include:

  • Understanding stress
  • Defining stress and the symptoms
  • Types of stress and their effects
  • The stress-performance curve
  • Stressors and how they impact on people
  • Causes and effects of stress
  • Factors affecting individual reactions to stress
  • Understanding the causes and different stages of stress
    ? Stress at work and how to deal with it
    ? Burnout ? recognising the signs
    Stress management strategies
    ? Achieving a healthy attitude
    ? Cultivating appropriate behaviours
    ? Coping with change
    ? Effective decision-making
    ? Building self-esteem
Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone who has difficulty in dealing with stress and can be tailored to the level of the participants.


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