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Avoidance of problems, particularly poor performance, carries a high price says Robert Fritz, co-author of the book The Managerial Moment of Truth. It tends to shift work to better performers which causes burnout or the loss of high performers to other organisations. It also causes frustration and overreaction, damaging perfor?mance and morale. Effective problem-solving can turn these problems into win-win solutions.

What you will learn in this course

Learning outcomes

The programme covers the following outcomes:

  • Improve productivity by solving problems, challenging the status quo and continuously improving processes
  • Choose and use the most appropriate method for solving problems or improving processes
  • Facilitate problem solving using a variety of process tools like affinity diagrams, systems thinking and mind maps
  • Use creative and lateral thinking talents of the problem solving team
Who should attend?

This course is for individuals, super?visors and managers who are accountable for operations with process streams that need to be managed. The training focuses strongly on engaging with others in identifying, defining, analysing and finding solutions to problems that cause poor performance. It also helps to put into place problem solving strategies.


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