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This Qualification addresses general competences across various ETD roles, and provides an opportunity for learners to specialise in four key areas in line with possible career opportunities or areas of interest. Learners will thus meet the general requirements of the following key roles:

  •  Provide learning support to learners and organisations
  •  Develop standards and qualifications
  •  Manage and administer education training and development
  •  Engage in general management activities
What you will learn in this course!

STUDY SCHOOL 1: Discovering the ETD Environment
Learners are introduced to the current ETD environment and given tools to perform and manage their position within the organisation. It also covers the following: scoping of the managerial roles expected within ETD today; identification of and adherence to the governance requirements governing ETD; promotion of a learning organisation through the benchmarking of best practices and consultation of skills development information within the organisation, and compilation of a training plan for the organisation, department or section where learners currently function. The development of organisational standards is also covered.

STUDY SCHOOL 2: Managing ETD Projects
Learners are taken through a practical journey of mastering the crucial skill of managing ETD projects. It covers all the required foundational principles of project management in an ETD environment. It provides formal and structured processes and templates from the initiation and planning of a project through to the closure thereof. Costing and cost management is also covered in this Study School.

STUDY SCHOOL 3: Fulfilling the key ETD Management Roles
This study school focuses on the ability of the learners to perform the key management functions through the mastering and use of specific models and tools. Learners will cover the roles of managing diverse teams; overcoming conflict, relationship building as well as ensuring and

STUDY SCHOOL 4: Quality Assuring and Monitoring ETD
Learners are introduced to the fundamental importance of Quality in ETD. It covers the interrelated processes of evaluation, monitoring and reporting of ETD functions in relation to quality standards. This Study School also It equips learners with the ability to measure the productivity levels of the ETD department to ensure constant improvement of its outputs and return on investment.

Who should attend?

In particular, the Diploma will be useful for:

  • Needs analysts
  • Learning facilitators
  • Learning designers
  • Assessors
  • Learner and learning supporters
  • Skills Development Facilitators
  • Standards Writers and Qualification Designers
  • Education, Training and Development (ETD) Managers

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