Microsoft Projects Advanced (2024)


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This training is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their proficiency in project management, resource allocation, reporting, and automation within Microsoft Project. It is ideal for project managers, planners, resource managers, and anyone responsible for overseeing and managing projects of varying complexities.


What you will learn in this course


Lesson 1: Advanced Project Planning

  • Advanced Project Templates
  • Custom Fields and Formulas
  • Resource Pooling and Master Projects
  • Setting Up Enterprise Calendars


Lesson 2: Resource Management

  • Advanced Resource Assignment
  • Resource Levelling Strategies
  • Resource Pools and Shared Resources
  • Managing Resource Conflicts


Lesson 3: Task Dependencies and Constraints

  • Complex Task Dependencies
  • Task Constraints and Deadlines
  • Lag and Lead Times
  • Critical Path Analysis


Lesson 4: Advanced Scheduling and Calendars

  • Advanced Project Calendars
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Project Consolidation
  • Task Types and Effort-Driven Scheduling


Lesson 5: Cost Tracking and Analysis

  • Cost Resource Assignments
  • Cost Rate Tables
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Budgeting and Variance Analysis


Lesson 6: Reporting and Dashboards

  • Advanced Custom Views and Tables
  • Creating Reports and Dashboards
  • Visual Reports and Data Analysis
  • Customizing Project Reports


Lesson 7: Collaboration and Integration

  • Collaborative Features with SharePoint
  • Integrating with Microsoft Teams
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Sharing Project Data with Stakeholders


Lesson 8: Advanced Settings and Customization

  • Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Macros and Automation
  • Advanced Project Options
  • Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization


Lesson 9: Risk Management and Issue Tracking

  • Identifying and Analysing Project Risks
  • Creating Risk Response Plans
  • Issue Tracking and Resolution
  • Advanced Problem-Solving Techniques


Lesson 10: Agile and Hybrid Project Management

  • Introduction to Agile Concepts
  • Using Agile in Microsoft Project
  • Hybrid Project Management Approaches
  • Managing Agile Projects with MS Project
Who should attend?


Project Managers seeking to enhance their project management skills. Project Team Members looking to deepen their understanding of Microsoft Project. Professionals involved in project planning and tracking.

Business Analysts and Consultants working on project-related tasks. Individuals preparing for the Microsoft Project certification exams.


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