Microsoft Power BI for End Users (2024)


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This course is designed to enable end users to harness the power of data for better decision-making, insights, and reporting. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Power BI’s features and functionalities, making it suitable for those who want to use data-driven insights to improve their work or business processes.

What you will learn in this course

Lesson 1: Introduction to Power BI

  • What Is Power BI?
  • Key Components of Power BI
  • Benefits of Data Visualization
  • Navigating the Power BI Interface


Lesson 2: Data Preparation and Querying

  • Data Sources and Connections
  • Data Transformation and Cleaning
  • Data Modeling Basics
  • Query Editor and Data Loading


Lesson 3: Creating Basic Reports

  • Building Visualizations
  • Formatting and Customizing Visuals
  • Adding Filters and Slicers
  • Interactive Report Building


Lesson 4: Advanced Visualizations

  • Advanced Chart Types
  • Hierarchies and Drill-Through
  • Combining Multiple Visuals
  • Custom Visuals and AppSource


Lesson 5: Data Analysis and DAX Formulas

  • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
  • Creating Measures and Calculated Columns
  • DAX Functions for Data Analysis
  • Time Intelligence in DAX

Lesson 6: Advanced Reporting Features

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Custom Themes and Layouts
  • Bookmarking and Navigation
  • Collaboration and Sharing

Lesson 7: Data Insights and AI Integration

  • Quick Insights and AutoML
  • AI-Powered Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection and Key Influencers
  • Using Natural Language Queries


Lesson 8: Data Governance and Security

  • Data Security and Permissions
  • Row-Level Security
  • Data Refresh and Scheduled Updates
  • Data Governance Best Practices


Lesson 9: Mobile and Cloud Integration

  • Power BI Mobile App
  • Publishing Reports to Power BI Service
  • Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud
  • On-Premises Data Gateway


Lesson 10: Tips and Tricks

  • Efficiency Tips and Shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
  • Best Practices for End Users

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