Microsoft Excel Advanced (2024)


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Participants learn advanced functions, formula writing, and delve into Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming for customized automation. Advanced training enables professionals to create sophisticated dashboards, perform intricate data modelling, and harness advanced statistical and analytical tools. It is indispensable for those pursuing careers in finance, data science, or specialized roles where in-depth Excel knowledge is paramount.

What you will learn in this course

Lesson 1: Automating Worksheet Functionality

  • Topic A: Update Workbook Properties
  • Topic B: Create and Edit a Macro
  • Topic C: Apply Conditional Formatting Topic
  • D: Add Data Validation Criteria


Lesson 2: Auditing Worksheets

  • Topic A: Trace Cells
  • Topic B: Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
  • Topic C: Watch and Evaluate Formulas Topic
  • D: Create a Data List Outline


Lesson 3: Analysing and Presenting Data

  • Topic A: Create Sparklines
  • Topic B: Create Scenarios
  • Topic C: Perform a What-If Analysis
  • Topic D: Perform a Statistical Analysis with ToolPak
  • Topic E: Create Interactive Data with Power View


Lesson 4: Working with Multiple Workbooks

  • Topic A: Consolidate Data
  • Topic B: Link Cells in Different Workbooks Topic
  • C: Merge Workbooks

Lesson 5: Exporting Excel Data

  • Topic A: Export Excel Data
  • Topic B: Import a Delimited Text File
  • Topic C: Integrate Excel Data with the Web
  • Topic D: Create a Web Query


Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting XML Data

  • Topic A: Import and Export XML Data
Who should attend?


The Microsoft AZ-900 certification is designed for beginners and serves as an excellent starting point for individuals new to Azure and cloud computing. It’s beneficial for IT beginners, business decision-makers, sales and marketing professionals, students, recent graduates, IT support staff, developers, system administrators, and anyone exploring cloud career paths. This certification provides foundational knowledge about Azure and cloud concepts, making it essential for those looking to understand the fundamentals of cloud technology and its relevance in today’s IT landscape.


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