Microsoft Access Basic (2024)


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This course aims to provide a solid foundation in creating and managing databases, enabling individuals to organize data, create forms, generate reports, and perform data analysis efficiently. Whether for personal or professional use, this training empowers individuals to become proficient in managing and utilizing databases effectively.

What you will learn in this course

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Access

  • What Is Microsoft Access?
  • Understanding Databases and Tables
  • Navigating the Access Interface
  • Creating a New Database


Lesson 2: Creating Databases and Tables

  • Planning Your Database Structure
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Designing Table Fields and Data Types
  • Setting Primary Keys


Lesson 3: Data Entry and Records

  • Entering and Editing Data
  • Data Validation and Input Masks
  • Data Formatting and AutoCorrect
  • Importing and Exporting Data


Lesson 4: Querying and Sorting Data

  • Creating Basic Queries
  • Filtering and Sorting Data
  • Calculated Fields and Expressions
  • Querying Multiple Tables


Lesson 5: Form Design and Data Entry

  • Designing Forms for Data Entry
  • Form Controls and Input Validation
  • Form Layout and Navigation
  • Sub-forms and Tab Controls


Lesson 6: Reporting and Printing

  • Creating Basic Reports
  • Customizing Report Layouts
  • Grouping and Sorting Report Data
  • Printing and Exporting Reports

Lesson 7: Data Relationships and Joins

  • Understanding Relationships
  • Creating Table Relationships
  • Join Types (Inner, Outer, Self)
  • Referential Integrity


Lesson 8: Data Validation and Constraints

  • Setting Field Validation Rules
  • Enforcing Data Integrity
  • Data Validation and Error Messages
  • Using Input Masks


Lesson 9: Database Design Best Practices

  • Normalization and Data Integrity
  • Indexing and Performance Optimization
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Database Maintenance


Lesson 10: Macros and Automation

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Creating Simple Macros
  • Macro Automation and Buttons
  • Macro Examples and Use Cases
Who should attend?

Business Professionals who need to create and manage databases for tracking and reporting. Office Administrators and Data Entry Specialists responsible for maintaining databases. Small Business Owners looking to organize and analyse their business data. Students and Learners interested in acquiring database management skills. Anyone seeking a foundational understanding of Microsoft Access


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