Microsoft Access Advanced (2024)


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This course equips individuals to handle complex data management tasks efficiently and offers insights into database optimization and data security. Participants will gain proficiency in advanced Access features and best practices, making them more valuable assets in their organizations.


What you will learn in this course

Lesson 1: Advanced Database Design

  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
  • Table Normalization Techniques
  • Complex Table Relationships
  • Indexing and Optimization


Lesson 2: Advanced Query Techniques

  • Advanced Query Design
  • Parameter Queries
  • Crosstab and Pivot Queries
  • SQL Queries and Expressions


Lesson 3: Data Validation and Validation Rules

  • Input Masks and Data Types
  • Advanced Validation Rules
  • Handling Null Values
  • Complex Data Validation Techniques


Lesson 4: Advanced Form Design

  • Tab Controls and Sub-forms
  • Advanced Form Controls
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Data-Driven Forms


Lesson 5: Advanced Report Design

  • Sub-reports and Linked Reports
  • Calculated Controls and Expressions
  • Grouping and Sorting in Reports
  • Interactive Reports


Lesson 6: Automation with Macros

  • Creating Advanced Macros
  • Data Import and Export Macros
  • Event-Driven Macros
  • Error Handling and Debugging

Lesson 7: VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

  • Introduction to VBA
  • Writing VBA Code
  • Automating Complex Tasks
  • Custom Functions and Procedures


Lesson 8: Integration with Office Applications

  • Integrating Access with Excel
  • Data Export to Word and PowerPoint
  • Outlook Integration
  • Automating Office Tasks


Lesson 9: Advanced Data Management

  • Data Import and Export Techniques
  • Data Transformation and Manipulation
  • Data Analysis and PivotTables
  • Handling Large Datasets


Lesson 10: Security and Data Protection

  • User-Level Security
  • Encrypting Databases
  • Backup and Restore Strategies
  • Data Recovery Options
Who should attend?


Database Administrators seeking to deepen their database management skills. Database Developers and Analysts looking to automate and optimize data processes. Business Professionals and Analysts working with complex data sets. IT Professionals responsible for database management and security. Individuals preparing for the Microsoft Access certification exams.


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