Diploma: HR Management Practice and Support

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Holders of the Qualification will be able to operationalise some aspects of the core Human Resources Management processes at a basic level and integrate them into an organisation’s business processes.

What you will learn in this course!

STUDY SCHOOL 1: HR Leadership
Learners are challenged to identify their shortcomings with regards to leading HR practices and playing the role of a strategic business partner. This unit includes a critical evaluation of the labour market and ends with the concept of HR Consultation and Professional Facilitation.

STUDY SCHOOL 2: Staffing and Best Practice
Learners are equipped to diagnose their units in terms of strategy, productivity and skills. In addition to this they will be given project and change skills to implement improvements.

STUDY SCHOOL 3: Organisation Analysis
Learners are introduced to concepts relating to career management. This will establish the foundations for acquiring and managing talent according to best practice principles. It includes the management of induction.

STUDY SCHOOL 4: Training and Development
Learners are given the skills to develop basic performance contracts and to manage the training and development of people according to quality requirements.

STUDY SCHOOL 5: Labour Relations
Learner are able to: apply employment equity in transformation; apply the Basic Conditions of Employment Act; draft an employment contract; apply the Labour Relations Act to collective agreement and bargaining councils; monitor and advise on conditions of employment and related rights; institute disciplinary action; and facilitate the resolution of grievances.

STUDY SCHOOL 6: Knowledge Management
Learners are capable of: managing the capture, storage `and retrieval of HR information using an information system; manage the design, development and review of an HR information system; manage learner information as required by SAQA/NQF regulations; and manage payroll records.

Who should attend?

This diploma will be useful to people who operationalise some aspects of the core processes and practices at a basic level across the four role clusters in human resources management and practices:

  • Strategic planning for human resources management and practices
  • Acquisition, development and utilisation of people
  • Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations
  • Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices


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