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Learners of this qualification will be able to:

  • Prepare for and facilitate learning
  • Provide learner support
  • Carry out administration related to learning
  • Contribute to Human Resource Management Practices
What you will learn in this course

STUDY SCHOOL 1: Coach the Learner
(Also offered as a stand-alone Skills Programme)
This Study School provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of training and development. It lays the foundation by providing the business context for coaching and embedding this in the role of the training function within the business. Learners are introduced to the profile of an instructor and are encouraged to assess themselves. In addition to this, learners are given the skills to identify coaching needs in the business, to calculate the costs of the performance gaps and to prepare coaching plans to professionally address these gaps.

STUDY SCHOOL 2: Facilitate a Learning Event
This Study School focuses on equipping learners to facilitate learning events or activities within a given range of methods like presentations and group activities like role-plays and case studies. Learners are taught how to use the very specific toolkits provided. The principles of facilitation are introduced and the main beliefs of adult learning are expanded upon. In addition to this, learners are equipped to describe the target audience profiles and the performance deficiencies in terms of specific objectives.

STUDY SCHOOL 3: Facilitating Assessment
The final Study School focuses on facilitating assessment of learners in the workplace. It includes a comprehensive section on learner support activities to enhance learning transfer and learner success. In addition, it includes a module on the writing of training reports. This includes learning on how to conduct a basic statistical analysis of information, which can be included in reports of various nature. During this Study School, learners will be expected to demonstrate some of

Who should attend?

The qualification will be useful to those within the world of work and who provide training in the workplace, or for those who have been practicing within the field, but without formal recognition. In particular, this qualification will be useful for:

  • ETD coordinators
  • Entry-level trainers
  • Junior Training officers
  • Training administrators.

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