How Assertive Staff Makes for a Cohesive Business Environment

How Assertive Staff Makes for a Cohesive Business Environment

Assertiveness, for many people, is seen as a fairly aggressive quality, especially when used in the realm of business. It does, however, differ greatly from aggression in that it adopts an approach of being firm but fair. It is the alternative to being a walk-over that doesn’t require one to enhance their aggression in order to control a situation, but rather seeks to see a problem solved through an approach that won’t be budged, but does so in as fair and respectful a way as possible.

Assertive personalities then, and their capacity to get things done by causing the right kind of ripples in a pond are obviously the better choice for a business environment, and here is how they can help you to create a company that is more cohesive, respectful, responsible and reasonable.

Fewer Delays on Requests

An assertive personality has an easier time making requests. Those in your business who are shrouded in self-doubt and a lack of confidence may find it difficult making requests, no matter how important, while those who approach these requests passively run the risk of not having their voices heard.

This will result in delays which could interrupt many of the processes in your business or result in ineffective communication.

Less Time Wasted on Unreasonable Requests

We would love to say it never happens but unreasonable requests in a business place are often made on those who are too passive to argue against them. This means that those people will have their time taken up by tasks which have no real benefit to themselves, a project or the business.

These sorts of requests may come from management, clients or fellow co-workers, making it difficult for passive personalities to simply say ‘no’.

Assertive personalities on the other hand will hear these requests out, then explain carefully and respectfully why they would simply be a waste of time.

Create Dynamic Think-Tanks

With a little over 7.5 billion people on the planet, it is understandable that a great many revolutionary ideas end up getting overlooked.

This happens most commonly in large businesses, but also happens in small ones. Some of your staff might have the most brilliant solutions available to your company’s most pressing issues, but are too afraid to voice them in a business setting.

As the old adage goes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and by having a workforce of intelligent problem solvers who are eager to have their voices heard (since they are assertive), you can build a dynamic factory of ideas out of your business.

Communicate Effectively with a Variety of Groups

Assertive people are not just able to communicate, they are able to do so in a way that is adaptive. They are as able to get their point across to one person, as they are to a hall of hundreds of them.

This kind of dynamic communication affords your business a better communicative prowess when dealing with clients, staff, potential partners and can even come in handy with marketing campaigns.

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Despite what you may believe, assertiveness isn’t necessarily a natural personality trait; in other words, it’s not a matter of being born with it or not. Rather, it is a personality trait that can be fostered and practiced overtime until it is mastered.

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