Reasons Why Workers Might Leave Your Employment

It is said that employees don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. More often than not, that is the case. It is obvious that as a manger, you cannot possibly please every single employee within the business but you should ensure that your management style doesn’t actively encourage your employees to resign.

Let’s look at some of the reasons employees would leave their managers. That is why, even for managers, it is wise to undergo staff training programmes that foster a better understanding of how to retain workers.

Reason 1: Communication

Communication or the lack therefore is part of the reasons why an employee would ditch the manager. Often, managers fail to communicate departmental, team, individual or even overall company goals to the employees this makes it impossible for them to meet their expectations. Manager make the erroneous assumption that employees don’t need additional guidance because they know their job description from day one. If an employee doesn’t know what it is that is expected of them exactly, it could lead to deadlines not being met. The best way to remedy this situation is to simply communicate clearly the goals your employees are required to meet. Give your employees feedback regularly and ensure that the lines of communication are always open.

Reason 2: Personal Connection

In simpler terms: Be human. Managers are often so busy with their own work, that often when they speak to employees, they can only say “good job” or “where’s this or that file?” Managers cannot connect with employees, whether it be professional or personal, if they don’t have meaningful one-on-one conversations with them. You may not realise this, but this simple form of communication is more important than you may think. Employees look to their managers to make them feel more like a vital member of the company. Communicate with your employees about more than just work related topics, leave your office door open so that employees feel welcome to come in and talk to you.

Reason 3: Negative Company Culture

Last but certainly not least employees respond better to managers that fully support their work. When managers criticise employees in front of the team or when they won’t take responsibility for their part when things go wrong job satisfaction goes down the drain. Be an example to your employees, if you’re a manager that gossips or one that passes blame this is exactly how your employees will be.

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Making your employees happy won’t just benefit them, it will also make your life a lot easier too. Your employees will trust you and look up to you. For management fundamentals contact Maccauvlei Learning Academy and allow us to help you.

How Assertive Staff Makes for a Cohesive Business Environment

How Assertive Staff Makes for a Cohesive Business Environment

Assertiveness, for many people, is seen as a fairly aggressive quality, especially when used in the realm of business. It does, however, differ greatly from aggression in that it adopts an approach of being firm but fair. It is the alternative to being a walk-over that doesn’t require one to enhance their aggression in order to control a situation, but rather seeks to see a problem solved through an approach that won’t be budged, but does so in as fair and respectful a way as possible.

Assertive personalities then, and their capacity to get things done by causing the right kind of ripples in a pond are obviously the better choice for a business environment, and here is how they can help you to create a company that is more cohesive, respectful, responsible and reasonable.

Fewer Delays on Requests

An assertive personality has an easier time making requests. Those in your business who are shrouded in self-doubt and a lack of confidence may find it difficult making requests, no matter how important, while those who approach these requests passively run the risk of not having their voices heard.

This will result in delays which could interrupt many of the processes in your business or result in ineffective communication.

Less Time Wasted on Unreasonable Requests

We would love to say it never happens but unreasonable requests in a business place are often made on those who are too passive to argue against them. This means that those people will have their time taken up by tasks which have no real benefit to themselves, a project or the business.

These sorts of requests may come from management, clients or fellow co-workers, making it difficult for passive personalities to simply say ‘no’.

Assertive personalities on the other hand will hear these requests out, then explain carefully and respectfully why they would simply be a waste of time.

Create Dynamic Think-Tanks

With a little over 7.5 billion people on the planet, it is understandable that a great many revolutionary ideas end up getting overlooked.

This happens most commonly in large businesses, but also happens in small ones. Some of your staff might have the most brilliant solutions available to your company’s most pressing issues, but are too afraid to voice them in a business setting.

As the old adage goes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and by having a workforce of intelligent problem solvers who are eager to have their voices heard (since they are assertive), you can build a dynamic factory of ideas out of your business.

Communicate Effectively with a Variety of Groups

Assertive people are not just able to communicate, they are able to do so in a way that is adaptive. They are as able to get their point across to one person, as they are to a hall of hundreds of them.

This kind of dynamic communication affords your business a better communicative prowess when dealing with clients, staff, potential partners and can even come in handy with marketing campaigns.

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Despite what you may believe, assertiveness isn’t necessarily a natural personality trait; in other words, it’s not a matter of being born with it or not. Rather, it is a personality trait that can be fostered and practiced overtime until it is mastered.

If you are interested in enrolling in a course that outfits your with assertive communication skills, contact the Maccauvlei Learning Academy for details.


4 Reasons Why Negotiation Skills are Important for Any Workplace

4 Reasons Why Negotiation Skills are Important for Any Workplace

Negotiators often form the pillars of a strong business. Being able to get what is important to you while still benefitting the other party is a crucial skill in business, and getting better and better at it will bring more benefits to your company.

While it is true that not everyone is a born negotiator, these skills can be honed through practice until they are mastered, which means that everyone has the potential to be a star negotiator. Why would you bother doing that? You may ask. Well. Here are four excellent reasons…

You can Benefit Everybody; Employees & Staff Included

Business negotiators are often portrayed as deal-strikers, client getters and argument winners, which is true; but it is only a half-truth. In reality, we spend our days negotiating through social, professional and even family situations, often without even realising it. A good negotiator is able to see the interaction for what it is, an attempt to get the best out of a situation for everybody involved in it.

This means that negotiation happens not just with prospective clients or business partners, but also with co-workers and staff. Being able to focus negotiations internally in a business will benefit your staff and not just stakeholders from outside of the business.

Nobody Walks Away Unhappy

A good negotiator gets what they want out of a situation; an excellent one gets good results for everybody involved. There is a prevailing myth in the business world that to win a negotiation means to get what you want while saving nothing for the other party, in reality, this couldn’t be further than the truth.

With the right negotiation skills, you can ensure that debates turn out in a win-win situation. This will ensure that you build better and more trusting relationships with business partners, clients and employees alike.

Improve Almost All Aspects of Your Business

With the right negotiation skills you can implement improvements across the board of your business, seeing to it that each interaction, in some way, results in a tangible benefit. These might come in terms of savings, barters, better motivation, favourable working conditions or simply better relationships.

You can Build Respect from the Ground Up

The way in which you negotiate, especially when both sides stand to win, will do wonders for the reputation of your business.

Being seen as a propagator of fair practice who also stands by the decisions and goals of their own business, will make it easier for people to respect you and your business after conducting successful negotiations.

Being a push-over won’t do this, and you may even be taken advantage of. Being too aggressive with your demands, on the other hand, will make people less inclined to work with you.

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Becoming a better negotiator is possible, with the right training and a little practice you could soon be there. To find out more about our comprehensive business characteristics courses, such as how to be a better negotiator, contact a representative from Maccauvlei Learning Academy today, or visit our website for details.

How Major Firms Motivate Their Employees

How Major Firms Motivate Their Employees

It is with no doubt that motivating employees is one of the factors that keep a firm going. Many of the major firms in the market have learned the importance of valuing their employees from Maccauvlei Learning Academy, and that has contributed to changing the entire running of these firms for good.

Motivating employees is quite complex, and it should be properly done for the process to be effective. Maccauvlei Learning Academy has a list of some of the ways through which it helps firms in motivating their employees. They include:

  1. Creating a good working environment
  2. Creating a work-life balance
  3. Offer employee rewards
  4. Team building
  5. Creating good relationships between employees and the managers

Maccauvlei Learning Academy comes in handy in helping firms motivate their employees. Most firms are always willing to motivate their employees but lack the skills that are required to be effective. Therefore, managers can stick to what they do best and let Maccauvlei Learning Academy deal with the process of employee motivation.

Creating a Good Working Environment

Many are the times when employees feel demotivated since their work environment is not conducive for them. Maccauvlei comes to the firms and makes the place a whole new place by coming up with ways through which every employee will end up enjoying their work environment.

Creating a Work-Life Balance

Are you having a hard time trying to balance between work and life at your firm? Maccauvlei Learning Academy is just a call away, and it will help in creating a new culture in the firm where the employees will have some fun while working. Working does not mean that fun activities should be avoided. They help in breaking the monotony of working and they also help in refreshing the employee’s minds.

Offer Employee Rewards

Rewarding employees is one of the ways through which employees feel appreciated for their performance. However, the rewarding process might be quite complex thus making it difficult for most firms to reward their employees. With the use of Maccauvlei Learning Academy, firms will learn of the right way to reward their employees.

Team Building

This is one of the important way used to motivate employees since it involves a lot of fun activities and bonding as well. That does not mean that it is an easy process though, and that contributes to discouraging firms from engaging in team building. Maccauvlei Learning Academy makes team building seem very easy and fun as well. It advices on a lot of fun activities through which the employees can engage in, and the activities work perfectly in the bonding of the employees thus making it very easy for them to understand each other and also work together without any difficulty.

Creating Good Relationships between Employees and Managers

This is a process that involves a lot of training for the employees and managers as well. Maccauvlei Learning Academy offers just the best training for this process. That helps in ensuring that the two parties get to understand each other thus creating good working relationships. Visit us for training and many other services.


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