Brinkerhoff Model

Research has shown that for training to have an impact, 40% of the success is what is done prior to the actual intervention. A further 40% is what is done after the intervention, which leaves a small 20% success factor for the actual intervention. Maccauvlei’s success over the past 60 years is evident as a result of our commitment and involvement in all three phases of the Brinkerhoff model.

Tastemakers Story

In our pursuit to attempt to answer the why (why are we here, why do we exist?, why are we doing what we are doing?) we thought of this:  A long, long time ago (maybe not that long ago) we were known for something peculiar – FOOD!!! (When we were located on the banks of the Vaal next to the Maccauvlei Golf course) and also for a little bit of training too… So it dawned on us that we were actually TASTEMAKERS…  and very good ones.  Staff and alumni alike will fondly reminisce about CTU and its great menu and great food.  Till today many would say, those were the days…

Following are a few “tastemakers” definitions:

(tāst′mā′kər) or (teɪstˌmeɪkə)

•    One that determines or strongly influences current trends or styles, as in fashion, food or the arts.
•    A person or group that sets a new direction.
•    A person or thing that determines or strongly influences what is or will be.
•    A  person whose judgments about what is good, best practice, etc., are accepted and followed by many other people.

In Dutch children’s literature there is a reference made to “Het smaakmaker” (The Tastemaker) – A person that can present/tell a story in an appetising way.  In the same way I believe that our learners are the taste makers in their organisations.

It is our job then to provide the recipe in the training room that will provide the best taste making ability for the learner.  We constantly ask ourselves: Do we improve the taste making ability of our learners?  And, what taste are we making so that our learners can enhance their taste back in the workplace?  Being tastemakers – that is what we strive for.